Bulk Oil


Two years ago RCAN branched out from the nationwide scheme that we were part of and

we set up an oil buying scheme where we negotiate the price of the oil ourselves. Since

then we have ordered a total of 713030  litres of oil and saved an outstanding amount of

£40,529.37 between our members.


RCAN's oil purchasing scheme helps members save money as they save on average over

five pence per litre on each order. The scheme also benefits the environment by reducing

the number of tankers on Nottinghamshire’s roads, and cutting vehicle mileage.


Members of the project send their orders once a month to their local co-ordinator or directly

to RCAN; these are then collated together to enable the buyer to negotiate a good price on

their behalf.


What one of the members says


As not only am I am a member but being a co-ordinator for the scheme, I have found it amazing.

The £20.00 a year membership is a drop in the ocean compared to the savings I have made. 

It has enticed me to get a bigger oil tank and I have been able to fill it during the summer ready

for the winter”


If you wish to join the scheme, which is only £20 admin fee a year, please go to www.rcan.org.uk

or phone Melanie Saxton on 01623 727600 for an application form.